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THE WOW! SIGNAL ( Alien Contact To Earth )

posted by: Samarka on may 2011.

The wow Signal  "6EQUJ5" was a radio signal received at SETI Institute, California ,on August 1977.

The frequencies of the signal  as told by SETI are:  1420.356 MHz (J. D. Kraus) and 1420.4556 MHz (J. R. Ehman).

This high powered frequency is banned on Earth (Protected Spectrum) and it is not possible to produce this frequency signal on Earth.

It lasted for 2.5seconds and disappeared forever. The location point was found constellation Sagittarius, roughly 2.5 degrees south of the fifth-magnitude

star group Chi Sagitarii. Tau Sagitarii  is the closest easily visible instruments or satellites or natural cause can produce such a signal.

It was     ARTIFICIAL 

The Mystery is still unsolved by SETI and NASA.

Learn about Wow! Signal detail on Wikipedia.

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December 21, 2012 End Of The World??? 

posted by samarka on june 2011. 

Since There is a lot of discussion going on the net ,I decided to post a thread on 2012.

According to my opinion, I Think all the predictions made about  2012 are not true but something will happen which is beyond science.We Should

consider ourselves lucky for being able to witness this day.

So Lets watch and see what happens on 21 december 2012.

Learn about 2012 phenomenon from Wikipedia.

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Find what NASA says about 2012 phenomenon.

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